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TAUR BRAZEN is a fantasy/ adventure/ horror story. A group of strangers transforms into a single statue-turned-monster, an idol named Taur, who has no control over the chaotic hell hounds pouring out of her shadow.

Despite their best intentions, they turn into a running target for other idols who are trying to save what’s left of the modern world… from Taur.




1 page will release every OTHER Tuesday.

Content (i.e., writing pieces, sketches, thumbnails) or updates, EVERY Tuesday.


Whoa, you’re going to lose your 1 page per week streak!

Well, yes, but a red flag slapped me in the face so hard, I had to change something. That red flag was Page 50 and 51, a 2-for-1 page. They took me SUCH a long time to finish, that I had to accept the fact that I draw REALLY slow. I cannot comfortably finish 1 page each week, every week, at this stage of my art-ing.

So, instead of trapping myself in a permanent sweat cycle, 1 page every other Tuesday allows a realistic work schedule that also gives me more time for:

  • Self-publishing research and moving forward via this route
    (I was spending A LOT of time researching publishers and submitting applications)
  • More marketing research and marketing materials
  • In-person networking/ art community workings
  • More scriptwork
  • Better quality thumbnailing and pages!

I am but one person and, as it stands, TAUR BRAZEN is a passion project. As much as I would LOVE to live off of “passion money”, I cannot.



THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you for investing in this comic.

Patrons still have access to future pages! Future pages will always be worked on and released upon completion (on Tuesdays) and gated on patreon while pages are cycled out to the public every other week. Also, now that I have a bit more time, there should be more sketches and writing pieces for my $5 and $10 patrons!


What’s the story so far?


The Prologue JUST WRAPPED UP. The first 46 pages of TAUR BRAZEN focus on the “Mother” of all idols and a young girl who encounters a hell hound.

The Prologue serves as:

  • a backstory for 2 important, recurring characters while showing 4 more as a taste of characters to come
  • and a test (especially the first 21 pages, which were started in 2012) of the style, pacing, and panelling

As a result, the story will just now “officially” start, revolving around our main protagonists.


If you’re a patron for TAUR BRAZEN, you’ll have first dibs on future pages.


The end product is a graphic novel. The current medium is (obviously) a webcomic.


Who’s making this!?


Me. Just… just me. Dom Curry. I wrote and illustrated everything, so I want as much feedback from everyone as possible!

You can reach me via the comments on this site or the TAUR BRAZEN Patreon or my email, Dominique [at] DominiqueCurry [dot] com.

The fastest way? Tumblr (I’m an addict, I’m so, so sorry).

I don’t bite. Kind of.


More about me?

I’m an illustrator, storyboard and concept artist, (used to be an) indie filmmaker, (always a) creator of monsters, coffee and music addict…

Other sites!

There. 1 page every OTHER Taur Tuesday! Content every Tuesday.


Have a read.



: A brass statue with bull-like qualities that must be avoided at. all. costs.
: An instrument comparable to the brazen bull.