Personal Projects

Taur Brazen (my current project!)


Taur Brazen (ongoing graphic novel, adventure/ fantasy)
| Story, Art, Page Layout

Short Films

Do You Believe in God? (horror)
| Director
BRONZE, 2012: TIVA–DC Peer Awards

My Unconscious (experimental/ horror)
| Director, Director of Photography, Writer, Soundtrack, Editor

Roxy (experimental/ horror)
| Director, Producer, Writer, Soundtrack

Other Media

Mercs (4-issue comic series, action/ thriller) collaboration with a film and comic writer
| Comic Art, Page Layout

Heart & Echo (feature length film script for a sci-fi horror/ thriller film)
| Screenwriter

(pitch package for an action/ adventure/ fantasy video game with concept art, storyline, and game mechanics)
| Concept Artist, Story Outline



Other Productions


Everlasting (indie drama/ thriller) by Super Grande Films
| Illustrator

Baby Steps (indie drama) by Li-Kong Hsu & Stephen Israel
| Art Dept Coordinator

Monongahela (indie sci-fi/ thriller) by 2nd State Productions
| Art Director

Invisible Son (pitch for feature film) by Bright Noon Pictures
| Storyboard Artist, Pitch Package Artist


Meltdown (thirty minute zombie/ comedy) by Out of Pocket Productions
| Concept Artist

Other Media

Grace Plains (a Google Glass interactive experience/ livestream on YouTube) by UCLA
| Art Dept Assistant

Web Series

| Art Director, Sound Recordist


Hybrid Cloud Testimonial Video (interviews) for The Dreaming Tree
| Media Wrangler

Sizzle Reel for FELD Entertainment
| Storyboard Artist

EWGA DC Chapter (internet promotional video) for EWGA
by The Maslow Media Group, Inc.
| Production Assistant, Assistant Scriptwriter, Graphic Artist

Safety in Epilepsy (instructional video for nurses)
by the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs
| Production Assistant, Script Supervisor, Still Photographer

The American Veteran (a segment for the Veterans Affairs’ monthly Emmy-award winning show)
by the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs
| Production Assistant, Still Photographer